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Allied Building Services Standard Cleaning Schedule Includes:
Service Performed Type Frequency
ash trays, in/out empty/wipe Daily
trash cans empty Daily
water coolers wipe Daily
glass doors wipe Daily
furniture arrange neatly Daily
breakroom counters wipe Daily
breakroom tables wipe Daily
counters/cabinets dust/wipe Daily
exam room counters wipe Daily
exam room tables wipe/sanitize Daily
restroom fixtures clean/sanitize Daily
restroom floors mop/sanitize Daily
restroom mirrors wipe Daily
restroom dispensers stock Daily
carpet high traffic vacuum Daily
tile floors vacuum/sweep/mop Daily
stairs & landings vacuum Daily
stairs & landings spot clean Daily
porches/entrances vacuum Daily
desk tops dust Daily
carpet spills spot clean Weekly
office furniture/fixtures dust Weekly
breakroom furniture wipe Weekly
door smudges wipe Weekly
carpet detail vacuum Weekly
stairs & landings mop Weekly
stalls/splash plates clean/dust Bi-Weekly
light switches wipe Bi-Weekly
carpet edges vacuum Bi-Weekly
window ledges dust Bi-Weekly
telephones wipe Monthly
doors/frames dust Monthly
walls spot clean Monthly
ceiling vents dust Monthly
venetian blinds dust Monthly
baseboards dust Monthly
chair rungs/seats dust/vacuum Monthly
picture frames dust Monthly
vertical surfaces dust Semi-Annual
tile floors buff Depends on Level of Shine Desired